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Carnoustie Himalyan resort, is situated in the epicenter of beauty and peace. Located at a height of 7000 feet above the sea level in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, the resort is a perfect place for relaxation and wellbeing. A 50 km drive from Solan takes you to the resort, in the heart of Himachal Apple belt, located in a picturesque valley in village Kanera. The resort is surrounded by pristine Deodar trees that lead up to Churdhar Peak, which is a 6-hour hike from the resort. Moreover, there are other numerous short treks and walks with scenic views which are perfect for family. Read More

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At the resort you could make your holiday as peaceful or as adventurous as possible. Our spectacular location allows us to cater to all. So if you want to trek and camp, we can arrange that, but if you want some down time, you could join a yoga and meditation class! If you enjoy photography, you will have a great time wandering the nearby villages and getting a glimpse into the Himachal lifestyle. Spirituality is also an important aspect of our resort. We could arrange a Tarot card reading or Reki healing if you have informed us while booking. You could mix and match the kind of activities you would want to best cater your needs!

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Domes & Cottages

The resort has accommodation comprising of cottages and domes that gel with the local surroundings.
The domes and cottages are well insulated ensuring a warm and cosy atmosphere inside despite cold tempratures.

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Wonderful place, just next to heavens, best of nature flora - fauna trekking. Wish to come back again and again...

Such a great place and good hospitality.

Nice hospitality and beautiful place.

Beautiful place with good food and hospitality.

Nice hospitality and good atmosphere.

Par excellence retreat with very personal touch of class.